About Us

As with any good story, it involved pizza.

While I was never much of a meat-eater growing up, my cravings for good plant-based pepperoni and the trouble I had finding one at the grocery store led me to start working on my own solution at home. I researched what spices to use, read recipe after recipe for traditional pepperoni, watched videos on how it's made (which I don't particularly recommend, by the way), and finally came up with a foolproof recipe of my own. I started using it on pizzas when we had guests over, and their reactions made me think that maybe I should start a business around the plant-based meats I've been making at home.

Animal proteins are mostly just vehicles for spices, so it made sense that their plant-based alternatives would need to step it up in order to compete. I'm here to help level the playing field and introduce you to a different way of feeding your body, and hopefully expanding your palate along the way. Let's eat!

-Scott Roger, owner